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The Amazing Race
ORG Staffing
Host: Ed as Phil Keoghan
Game Statistics
Board Access: Closed
Date Began: July 16, 2011
Date Finished: September 19, 2011
# of Contestants: 11 Players
Winner(s): Joyce
Various Tribes
Returning Seasons
NP Awards
  • 2011 ORG of the Year

The game began by having 11 people sign up as their favorite The Amazing Race contestant of all time. There were no other real limitations on who they could pick to play as.

Each leg the racers would be given a set amount of money for the leg and be given a clue to learn where to head next. There would be several points in the leg where a racer would have to complete required tasks. Some of these tasks include the Detour (where players chose 1 out of 2 specific tasks), the Roadblock (where players decided if they or their Ghost Partner played) and the Intersection (where players teamed up to complete as task).

During the race, there were points in which a racer could deter another racer via the Yield (forcing a player to wait an hour to continue the race) or U-Turn (forcing a player to complete BOTH Detour tasks). However, there would also be the chance to benefit yourself in the game by completing the Fast Forward (which would send yourself directly to the Pitstop).

The last team to check into the Pitstop in each leg would be eliminated from the race. The only exception to this would be surprise Non-Elimination Legs. Instead of being eliminated from the race, the player who came in last would be forced to complete an extra task in the next leg called a Speed Bump.

The final leg would pit the Final 3 in a leg twice the normal size with no Yields, U-Turns or Fast Forwards. The player to cross the finish line first would win the race.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Elimination NP Points
1st Joyce Ehmatus Finalist +110
2nd Jordan DrummelSmithJessica Finalist +55
3rd Michael JoelJC13 Finalist +37
4th Stassi Mrhollywood90210 Last Place in Leg 10
Last Place in Leg 9[1]
Last Place in Leg 4[1]
5th Mallory Danny610us Last Place in Leg 8 +22
6th Dallas Cahkian Last Place in Leg 7 +18
7th Jon Shepleadzthe5th Last Place in Leg 6 +16
8th Mirna Supergoten Last Place in Leg 5 +14
9th Eric Yankeesfan523 Last Place in Leg 3 +12
10th Kandice Rainmoondance Last Place in Leg 2 +11
11th Kevin Winsonts Last Place in Leg 1 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


  • This ORG introduced 0 new Alumni.
  • During Leg 5 players faced an Intersection, being forced to team up. The teams were Dallas/Jon, Jordan/Stassi, Joyce/Mallory & Michael/Mirna.

Foot Notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Non-elimination leg.