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Survivor Squishy 2: Anarchy
ORG Staffing
Host: Jessica as Herself
Additional Staff: Ray as Himself
Ben as Himself
Game Statistics
Board Access: Closed
Date Began: May 31, 2011
Date Finished: July 27, 2011
# of Contestants: 23 Players
Winner(s): Joel (4-3-2)
Various Tribes
Starting Tribe(s): Hex-Midori4 Midori
Hex-Sinregla Sinregla
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Bajnokok Bajnokok
Hex-Dalek Dalek
Merge Tribe: Hex-GGing Ging Ging
Returning Seasons
Survivor Squishy 3: Candice, Greg, Joel, Ken,
Natalie, Parvati, Rupert,
Russell, Shane & Tyson
NP Awards
  • 2011 Biggest Blindside
  • 2011 Dramatic Moment

The game began by having 23 people sign up as 1 of 23 pre-selected castaways, chosen for being "anarchists" on the real show. There were no other real limitations on who they could pick to play as.

Everyone partook in an Idol Hunt, that allowed the chance to gain 1/4 special Hidden Idols, become a Team Captain or be sent to Exile Island in Episode 1 while everyone else went to Tribal Council.

At the F22, players were split into 2 tribes through a schoolyard pick 'em; the Team Captains being the only to select players.

For the first 6 rounds the tribes battled it out in team based Immunity Challenges. The winning tribe was spared from Tribal Council (TC for short) for the round in which they won, but the losing tribe went to TC and voted one of their own members out of the game.

At the F14, players were shuffled into 2 completely new tribes.

At the F10, the 2 tribes were joined together to form 1 larger, new tribe. This sparked a change in the game on several levels. Immunity was no longer a team effort. Instead, challenges were now individual with only 1 winner each time.

At the F8, players were paired up into partners. Whatever happened to you...happened to your partner just as equally. This would end at the F4.

At the F3, those who received 11th-4th Place were brought back in order to vote for who they'd wish to win this game. They could only vote for 1 of the 3 players who made it to the end of the game.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Joel Nemle22 Hex-Midori4Hex-BajnokokHex-GGing Finalist 5 +230
2nd Ken JoelJC13 Hex-SinreglaHex-BajnokokHex-GGing Finalist 2 +115
3rd Russell Jackel63-63 Hex-Midori4Hex-DalekHex-GGing Finalist 0 +77
4th Jerri Brady4605 Hex-SinreglaHex-BajnokokHex-GGing Voted Out 3-2[1] 3 +57
5th Tyson Sheakyle Hex-SinreglaHex-BajnokokHex-GGing Partner Twist 1 +46
6th Parvati Ahollywoodslayer Hex-SinreglaHex-BajnokokHex-GGing Voted Out 4-2 4 +38
7th Rupert Padraig_odea Hex-SinreglaHex-BajnokokHex-GGing Voted Out 4-2 6 +33
8th Candice Rainmoondance Hex-Midori4Hex-BajnokokHex-GGing Removed[2] 3 +29
9th Natalie Erinmorricci Hex-SinreglaHex-DalekHex-GGing Voted Out 2-0[3] 3 +25
10th Greg Achyun Hex-Midori4Hex-DalekHex-GGing Voted Out 5-2-1-1 5 +23
11th Corinne Tyler.Wayne4 Hex-SinreglaHex-DalekHex-- Voted Out 1-1[4] 4 +21
12th Shane Hadouken14 Hex-Midori4Hex-DalekHex-- Voted Out 1-1[5][6] 1 +19
13th NaOnka Theman.robert Hex-SinreglaHex-DalekHex-- Removed[2] 4 +18
14th Stephenie Supergoten Hex-SinreglaHex-DalekHex-- Voted Out 2-0[7] 2 +16
15th Sandra Mrhpotterfreak Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 3-1 6 +15
16th Janu Erin_vee Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 3-1-1 3 +14
17th Coach Iresqu911 Hex-SinreglaHex--Hex-- Removed[2] 0 +13
18th Jonathan Edrodz404 Hex-SinreglaHex--Hex-- Removed[8] 0 +13
19th Sugar Goindwninflames Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-1 6 +12
20th Candace Red.889 Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Removed[8] 1 +11
21st Rob Diamondaurapayge Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1-1 6 +11
22nd Courtney Stargirl_10_87 Hex-Midori4Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 8-1 8 +10
23rd Phillip Mike5179 Hex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-4-2-1 6 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


Foot Notes

  1. Russell used 1 extra vote.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Removed from the game for breaking Exile Island rule.
  3. HII used by Russell (4 votes void) and Rupert (2 votes void).
  4. Tie vote between Corinne & Natalie; tied in revote; 1 and 0 past votes respectively.
  5. HII used by Natalie (1 vote void).
  6. Tie vote between Corinne & Shane; Natalie chose who lost.
  7. HII used by Greg (2 votes void).
  8. 8.0 8.1 Removed from the game for being inactive.

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