Survivor Cinema 5: Final Destination
ORG Staffing
Host: Bo as Jeffrey Reddick
Game Statistics
Board Access: Open
Date Began: February 22, 2013
Date Finished: March 30, 2013
# of Contestants: 21 Players
Winner(s): Olivia (5-2-1)
Various Tribes
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-MYun Ming Yun
Hex-Phoenix2 Phoenix
Hex-Volee Volée
Merge Tribe: Hex-180 180
Returning Seasons
Survivor Cinema 7: Lori & Peter
NP Awards
  • 2013 Biggest Blindside

Production Information Edit

Sign Ups for 21 players began February 20, 2013. Reservations began as early as January 8, 2013. People were allowed to sign up as their favorite character from a predetermined list of 72 cast choices. There were no other limitations on who they could pick to play as.

Check Ins for the players began on February 20, 2013. There were no replacements. The game then began on February 22, 2013.

Game Summary Edit

Series Twist: It is possible to become injured and even die. If injured, a blood droplet would appear in the player's profile. Collect enough blood droplets and they'd die. If they died, they were essentially removed from the game immediately and the character they chose to play as would retire from the series, unable to return even for All-Stars type seasons. Please keep in mind that deceased players lose all privileges as well (such as Jury).

Season Twist: There was a master list of all possible cast choices in the host area, completely randomized. After sign ups were complete and the game had begun, that master list was then taken and everyone not in the cast removed. This list was the order in which they would appear in Death's design. Each and every day an attempt to kill the player at the top of the list was be made. Also every day, they were allowed to "save" someone in the cast; anyone of their choice. If the player at the top of the list for the day was saved by even 1 player then they were not only spared, but also dropped to the bottom of the list. If the player at the top of the list did NOT get saved...they died. The list then continued to circulate each and every day until F4.

@Final 21 players were placed into 3 tribes of 7.
@Final 14 players were disbanded into 2 tribes of 7.
@Final 9 players merged into a single tribe.
@Final 3 players reached Finale, facing 8 Jurors.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Olivia Brady4605 Hex-Phoenix2Hex-Phoenix2Hex-180 Finalist 0 +210
2nd Samantha Sam.smith17 Hex-MYunHex-VoleeHex-180 Finalist 7 +105
3rd Erin Erinmorricci Hex-Phoenix2Hex-VoleeHex-180 Finalist 0 +70
4th Alex Flamemeke Hex-VoleeHex-Phoenix2Hex-180 Voted Out 3-1 5 +52
5th Evan Rexmallory Hex-Phoenix2Hex-VoleeHex-180 Deceased 6 +42
6th Kevin Mrhpotterfreak Hex-Phoenix2Hex-Phoenix2Hex-180 Deceased 1 +35
7th Peter Dylanjaymesnielsen Hex-VoleeHex-Phoenix2Hex-180 Voted Out 5-1-1 5 +30
8th Isaac M2009tank Hex-MYunHex-VoleeHex-180 Deceased 0 +26
9th Nick FLColton Hex-VoleeHex-Phoenix2Hex-180 Voted Out 5-4 6 +23
10th Terry Diamondaurapayge Hex-MYunHex-Phoenix2Hex-- Voted Out 4-1-1 4 +21
11th Molly Stargirl_10_87 Hex-VoleeHex-VoleeHex-- Voted Out 4-1 4 +19
12th Amber Mrhollywood90210 Hex-VoleeHex-VoleeHex-- Voted Out 4-2 5 +17
13th Clear DrummelSmithJessica Hex-VoleeHex-VoleeHex-- Voted Out 4-2-1 4 +16
14th Dee Dee Ada_miss_silk Hex-Phoenix2Hex-Phoenix2Hex-- Deceased 1 +15
15th Rory Joshsphillips Hex-MYunHex--Hex-- Voted Out 3-1 5 +14
16th Burke Tepmurt12 Hex-VoleeHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1 6 +13
17th Hunt Mschwanke Hex-Phoenix2Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-1-1 4 +12
18th Lori Victorporoca Hex-MYunHex--Hex-- Voted Out 3-2 3 +12
19th Sam JoelJC13 Hex-MYunHex--Hex-- Deceased 1 +11
20th Wendy Starzstruck22 Hex-Phoenix2Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 7-0 7 +10
21st Carter Shd1996 Hex-MYunHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1 6 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


  • This ORG introduced 2 new Alumni: Joshsphillips & Starzstruck22.
  • The Ming Yun tribe was named after the Ming Yun Spa.
  • The Phoenix tribe was named after the Phoenix Tanning Company.
  • The Volée tribe was named after Volée Airlines.
  • The 180 tribe was named by Erinmorricci after the 180 curse.
  • Kevin was killed in action, having died during a challenge.
  • Sam, Dee Dee, Isaac & Evan all died via Death's Design twist.
  • Due to Evan, Issac & Kevin losing juror status...Amber, Clear & Rory were promoted to jurors.

Foot Notes

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