Survivor Cinema 3: Glee
ORG Staffing
Host: Bo as Ryan Murphy
Game Statistics
Board Access: Open
Date Began: September 3, 2012
Date Finished: October 27, 2012
# of Contestants: 18 Players
3 Coaches
Winner(s): Zach (Coach)
Brittany (4-3-1)
Various Tribes
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Evanescence Evanescence
Hex-Quackalicious Quackalicious
Hex-Stardom Stardom
Merge Tribe: Hex-Unicorns Unicorns
Returning Seasons
Survivor Cinema 7: Blaine & Santana
NP Awards

Production Information Edit

Sign Ups for 18 players began August 30, 2012. Reservations began as early as August 23, 2012. People were allowed to sign up as their favorite character from a predetermined list of 77 cast choices. There were no other limitations on who they could pick to play as.

Check Ins for the players began on September 1, 2012. Mercedes was a replacement. The game then began on September 3, 2012.

Game Summary Edit

Series Twist: It is possible to become injured and even die. If injured, a blood droplet would appear in the player's profile. Collect enough blood droplets and they'd die. If they died, they were essentially removed from the game immediately and the character they chose to play as would retire from the series, unable to return even for All-Stars type seasons. Please keep in mind that deceased players lose all privileges as well (such as Jury).

Season Twist: There were 3 additional people, hand chosen by the host to coach the 18 players. The game began with each coach having dominion over a single tribe while those in their tribe were their disciples. The coaches were NOT players. As so, they were never able to compete in Immunity Challenges, cast votes or be voted out. However, they DID compete in Coach Challenges in order to gain advantages to help their disciples. When all of a coach's disciples had been eliminated from the game...they too were eliminated from the game, getting the same placing as their best placed disciple. Most importantly, the coaches were NEVER given the chance to enter the game as normal players. They started and finished as coaches. Nothing more.

Season Twist: For Coach Challenges, the winners earned a Slushie.

@Final 18 players were placed into 3 tribes of 6.
@Final 14 players were disbanded into 2 tribes of 7.
@Final 10 players merged into a single tribe.
@Final 3 players reached Finale, facing 8 Jurors.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Zach RayI2004 n/a Finalist n/a +180
Brittany Stargirl_10_87 Hex-StardomHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Finalist 0 +180
2nd Finn Mschwanke Hex-StardomHex-EvanescenceHex-Unicorns Finalist 3 +90
3rd Blaine Amr_funky247 Hex-StardomHex-EvanescenceHex-Unicorns Finalist 2 +60
4th Cooper JoelJC13 Hex-StardomHex-EvanescenceHex-Unicorns Voted Out 2-2[1] 8 +45
5th Nikki DrummelSmithJessica n/a Lost All Disciples n/a +36
Rachel Caiotresc Hex-QuackaliciousHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Voted Out 4-0[2] 10 +36
6th Robert Ehmatus n/a Lost All Disciples n/a +30
Tibideaux Asphaltprincess5 Hex-EvanescenceHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Voted Out 3-2[2] 6 +30
7th Sugar Erinmorricci Hex-StardomHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Voted Out 4-2[3] 4 +26
8th Bryan Faintxstar Hex-EvanescenceHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Voted Out 4-1-1[4][5] 4 +22
9th Santana Sam.smith17 Hex-QuackaliciousHex-EvanescenceHex-Unicorns Voted Out 5-3[6] 6 +20
10th Quinn Luisfernando_mm Hex-QuackaliciousHex-StardomHex-Unicorns Voted Out 6-3[6] 9 +18
11th Rory Jason Hex-EvanescenceHex-EvanescenceHex-- Voted Out 4-1 4 +16
12th Kurt Mrhpotterfreak Hex-EvanescenceHex-EvanescenceHex-- Voted Out 4-2 4 +15
13th Mike FLColton Hex-StardomHex-StardomHex-- Voted Out 4-2[7] 4 +14
14th Sebastian Amunnakagoofyguy10 Hex-EvanescenceHex-EvanescenceHex-- Voted Out 3-3-1[8] 4 +13
15th Mercedes Thejoysoflife Hex-QuackaliciousHex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-0 4 +12
16th Lindsay Abercrombie_u2 Hex-QuackaliciousHex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-1 5 +11
17th Emma Friedlya Hex-QuackaliciousHex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-1 5 +10
18th Sam Sjllow Hex-EvanescenceHex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-1 5 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


Foot Notes

  1. Tie vote between Blaine & Cooper; lost 2-0 in the revote.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Zach voided Rachel's vote.
  3. Robert voided Cooper's vote.
  4. Zach voided Bryan's vote.
  5. Nikki voided Brittany's vote.
  6. 6.0 6.1 Zach voided Santana's vote.
  7. Robert voided Mike's vote.
  8. Tie vote between Cooper & Sebastian; lost 3-2 in the revote.

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