Survivor Cinema 10.5: Holiday Special



ORG Staffing
Host: Bo as Santa Claus
Game Statistics
Board Access: Closed
Date Began: December 1, 2016
Date Finished: December 25, 2016
# of Contestants: 30 Players
Winner(s): Dana (Gift 6)
Various Tribes
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Amaryllis Amaryllis
Hex-Poinsettia Poinsettia
Merge Tribe: Hex-Garland Garland
Returning Seasons
Survivor Cinema 8.5: Carol, Cindy Lou, Dana,
George, Grinch, Harry, Henry,
Julia, Nora, Susan & Tory
NP Awards

Production Information Edit

Sign Ups for 30 players began November 11, 2016. Reservations were not allowed. People were allowed to sign up as their their favorite character from any Christmas show or film franchise. No character that had already been played in a previous season of this series could be chosen again unless it was a returnee nor could more than 5 people choose from the same franchise. There were no other limitations on who they could pick to play as.

Check Ins for the players began on November 29, 2016. Cindy Lou & Ethan were replacements. The game then began on December 1, 2016.

Game Summary Edit

Series Twist: It is possible to become injured and even die. If injured, a blood droplet would appear in the player's profile. Collect enough blood droplets and they'd die. If they died, they were essentially removed from the game immediately and the character they chose to play as would retire from the series, unable to return even for All-Stars type seasons. Please keep in mind that deceased players lose all privileges as well (such as Jury).

Season Twist: There were no Immunity Challenges or Jurors! This game was turned completely upside down and forced players to rely on their social skills. At the start of the game they were all be asked to choose a Christmas present. Right off the bat, some of them would die...because some gifts were rigged to explode. Lawls! For those who of the presents held within it the golden crown and title of winner to this half season. The catch? Players were not allowed to open their gifts until Christmas time (December 25th). If they were eliminated before then...they HAD to give their Christmas gift to someone still in the game of their choosing.

Season Twist: Eight Hidden Idols were hidden. The only way to collect one was to hand Santa 1 of the 8 toys he was looking for. Players were given 1 guess and 1 yes/no question to ask per day to narrow down which toys to hand over.

@Final 30 players were placed into 2 tribes of 15.
@Final 30 gifts exploded, killing 4 players.
@Final 22 tribes were shuffled.
@Final 18 tribes were shuffled.
@Final 14 players merged into a single tribe.
@Final 5 players reached Finale, opening their gifts.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Dana Erinmorricci Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Finalist 2 +300
2nd Tory Abercrombie_u2 Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Finalist 3 +150
3rd Cindy Lou Stargirl_10_87 Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Finalist 7 +100
5th Carol Wickedlette2010 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Finalist 10 +60
Henry Rylgamerz83 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Finalist 4 +60
6th Lauren Breathexonxme Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Voted Out 2-2-2[1] 3 +50
7th Gizmo Statonchapman Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 2-2[2][3] 7 +42
8th Susan Moviefreak02 Hex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 4-2-2 11 +37
9th Billy Phsdhs93 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Voted Out 4-3-2[4] 5 +33
10th Mother Nature Mrhpotterfreak Hex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 4-4-2[5] 7 +30
11th Krampus Badref316 Hex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 7-2-1-1 10 +27
12th Julia NYCgirl82 Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 8-4 8 +25
13th Nora Sam.smith17 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-Garland Voted Out 3-1-1[6] 3 +23
14th Ernest D_carnrite Hex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-Garland Voted Out 13-1 18 +21
16th Ethan Brady4605 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-- Voted Out 5-2-1 10 +18
Ralphie Splitsandgiggles Hex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-- Voted Out 7-1 8 +18
18th Allie Faulknerz Hex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex-- Voted Out 5-2-2 5 +16
Emily Matthewrjones1 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex-- Voted Out 6-3 6 +16
20th George Jcoopz3 Hex-AmaryllisHex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-3-1 7 +15
Quinn Charliedrummelsmith Hex-AmaryllisHex-AmaryllisHex--Hex-- Voted Out 9-1 12 +15
22nd Harry Dillmoni Hex-PoinsettiaHex-AmaryllisHex--Hex-- Voted Out 8-3 8 +13
Madea Mike5179 Hex-PoinsettiaHex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-2-1-1-1 6 +13
24th Charlie Asphaltprincess5 Hex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-5-1 6 +12
Myron Tepmurt12 Hex-AmaryllisHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 11-1 12 +12
26th Kevin Jeffdunham1992 Hex-AmaryllisHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 12-1 12 +11
Rusty Pb52181 Hex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 13-0 13 +11
30th Catwoman M2009tank Hex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex--Hex-- Deceased 0 +10
Grinch DrummelSmithJessica Hex-PoinsettiaHex--Hex--Hex-- Deceased 0 +10
John Bcarnrite Hex-AmaryllisHex--Hex--Hex-- Deceased 0 +10
Kim ChriScorpio16 Hex-AmaryllisHex--Hex--Hex-- Deceased 0 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


  • This ORG introduced 3 new Alumni: Charliedrummelsmith, Jeffdunham1992 & Phsdhs93.
  • The Amaryllis, Garland & Poinsettia tribes were all named after Christmas decorations.
  • Catwoman, Grinch, John & Kim all died during the initial claiming of gifts; theirs exploded.

Foot Notes

  1. Tie vote between Carol, Dana & Lauren; Lost 3-0-0 in the revote.
  2. HII used by Dana (3 votes void).
  3. Tie vote between Gizmo & Tory; Lost 5-0 in the revote.
  4. HII used by Susan (0 votes void).
  5. Tie vote between Carol & Mother Nature; Lost 6-2 in the revote.
  6. HII used by Mother Nature on Susan (8 votes void).

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