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SurVs 8: Heroes vs Villains
ORG Staffing
Cohosts: Bo as Himself
Jill as Herself
Game Statistics
Board Access: Open
Date Began: February 8, 2011
Date Finished: April 2, 2011
# of Contestants: 24 Players
Winner(s): Elisabeth (5-2)
Various Tribes
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Heroes Heroes
Hex-Villains Villains
Merge Tribe: Hex-Libra Libra
Returning Seasons
SurVs 13: Chicken, Elisabeth, Erik, Jenn,
John, Lex, Mary, Parvati, Robb,
Sierra, Stephenie & Teresa
NP Awards
  • 2011 Twist Ownage

The game began by bringing 20 of our most heroic and villainous players from previous seasons to play again.

They were split into 2 tribes of 12, based on whether they were considered a "Hero" or a "Villain".

Players were informed that if their karma reached a certain point (+20 for Heroes and -20 for Villains) that they'd be given a "prize". The prize being half a Hidden Idol piece. When combined with a half from the opposing tribe, it'd become a Hidden Idol for one of the 2 who put their pieces together to own.

For the first 7 rounds the tribes battled it out in team based Immunity Challenges. The winning tribe was spared from Tribal Council for the round in which they won, but the losing tribe went to Tribal Council (TC for short) and voted one of their own members out of the game.

At the F9, the players were joined together to form 1 larger, new tribe. This sparked a change in the game on several levels. Immunity was no longer a team effort. Instead, challenges were now individual with only 1 winner each time.

At the F2, those who received 9th-3rd Place were brought back in order to vote for who they'd wish to win this game. They could only vote for 1 of the 2 players who made it to the end of the game.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Elisabeth Mrhpotterfreak Hex-HeroesHex-Libra Finalist 4 +240
2nd Kelly Supergoten Hex-HeroesHex-Libra Finalist 1 +120
3rd John JadeDiamond44 Hex-HeroesHex-Libra Voted Out 1-0 10 +80
4th Chicken StudlyMuffin55 Hex-HeroesHex-Libra Voted Out 3-1 5 +60
5th Joe Yankeesfan523 Hex-VillainsHex-Libra Voted Out 2-2[1][2] 5 +48
6th Lex Basketball34kb Hex-VillainsHex-Libra Voted Out 4-1-1 5 +40
7th Stephenie Dropsofbright Hex-VillainsHex-Libra Voted Out 5-1-1 11 +34
8th Kel JoelJC13 Hex-HeroesHex-Libra Voted Out 4-4[3] 10 +30
9th Mary Shepleadzthe5th Hex-VillainsHex-Libra Voted Out 5-4 5 +27
10th Sierra Erinmorricci Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 4-1 7 +24
11th Jenna M. Ahollywoodslayer Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 3-2-1 5 +22
12th Gary Jackel63-63 Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 5-1 14 +20
13th Ibrehem Amunnakagoofyguy10 Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 5-1-1 5 +18
14th Jenna L. Stargirl_10_87 Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 4-3 4 +17
15th Teresa Dustieddy Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 7-1 9 +16
16th Parvati Shadowcatx312 Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 5-3 5 +15
17th Natalie Lysfuzz Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 4-3[4] 4 +14
18th Jenn K@ITFZENOZ Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 3-3[5][6] 3 +13
19th Darrah Mrhollywood90210 Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 6-5 6 +13
20th Matthew Deetman91 Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 5-2-1-1 5 +12
21st J.P. Buddy9775 Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 9-1 10 +11
22nd Erik Ultimatebearsfan89 Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 10-1 11 +11
23rd Robb Sheakyle Hex-HeroesHex-- Voted Out 11-1 11 +10
24th Yau-Man DrummelSmithJessica Hex-VillainsHex-- Voted Out 9-1-1-1 9 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


  • This ORG introduced 0 new Alumni.
  • The Heroes and Villains tribes were named after the real show's tribes.
  • The Libra tribe was named by Yankeesfan523 to represent the balance of good and evil.
  • Osten (SurVs 2) was originally cast instead of Joe. However, he failed to check in.
  • Burton (SurVs 2), Jon (SurVs 2) and Lindsey (SurVs 1 & SurVs 4) were all asked to interview as returning players, but each declined the opportunity for one reason or another.
  • A total of 43 castaways from the first 7 seasons were interviewed to be returning players. Those who were not chosen were Clarence/Kim P./Rodger (SurVs 1), Nicole/Sherea (SurVs 2), Brett (SurVs 3 & SurVs 4), Chet/Natalie (SurVs 4), Alex/Ryan/Tanya (SurVs 5), Cao Boi/Cecilia/Yul (SurVs 6) and Ramona/Sonja/Stephen/Susan (SurVs 7).

Foot Notes

  1. HII used by Chicken (1 vote void).
  2. Tie vote between Elisabeth & Joe; lost 3-0 in the revote.
  3. Tie vote between John & Kel; lost 4-2 in the revote.
  4. HII used by Parvati (2 votes void).
  5. HII used by Parvati (4 votes void).
  6. Tie vote between Gary & Jenn; lost 6-2 in the revote.


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