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Potter Twists 5: All-Stars
ORG Staffing
Host: Jessica as Herself
Game Statistics
Board Access: Closed
Date Began: August 20, 2010
Date Finished: October 22, 2010
# of Contestants: 20 Players
Winner(s): Kurt (3-2-1)
Various Tribes
Starting Tribe(s): Hex-Expecto Expecto
Hex-Patronum Patronum
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Avada Avada
Hex-Kedavra Kedavra
Outcast Tribe(s): Hex-Revenge Revenge
Merge Tribe: Hex-Accio Accio
Returning Seasons
NP Awards
  • 2010 Biggest Blindside

The game began by having 18 of the most memorable players from the previous 4 seasons return. Two brand new players were brought into the game as well, playing the roles of saboteur.

The game began with a challenge that allowed the individual players to collect coins. An auction soon followed where the players could spend their coins to gain rewards and even immunity.

At the F18, the cast was split into 2 tribes of 9.

For the first 7 rounds the houses battled it out in team based Immunity Challenges. The winning house was spared from Expulsion for the round in which they won, but the losing house(s) went to Expulsion (similar to Tribal Council) and voted one of their own members out of the game.

At the F16, the players were shuffled equally into the 2 houses.

At the pre-merge F13, the 2 houses were shortly joined together to form 1 larger, new house. This remained so for only a single Expulsion session. After which the players were divided into 2 new tribes of 6.

At the pre-merge F9, the cast was surprised with an Outcast twist, bringing 4 players back into the game. With this twist also came a tribal shuffle, creating 2 tribes of 4 and 1 tribe of 5.

At the F9, the 3 houses were joined together to form 1 larger, new house. This sparked a change in the game on several levels. Immunity was no longer a team effort. Instead, challenges were now individual with only 1 winner each time.

At the F7, a split TC was held. This sent half the cast to one TC, while the other half of the cast went to a second TC.

At the F3, those who received 11th-4th Place were brought back in order to vote for who they'd wish to win this game. They could only vote for 1 of the 3 players who made it to the end of the game.


Player Information

Kurt Nemle22 Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-KedavraHex-Accio Winner 1 Total Vote +200 Points
Rita Mrhpotterfreak Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-RevengeHex-Accio 1st Runner-Up 2 Total Votes +100 Points
Dobby Jackel63-63 Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-KedavraHex-Accio 2nd Runner-Up 1 Total Vote +67 Points
Hermione Friedlya Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-RevengeHex-Accio Quit
Voted Out 5-1[1][2]
6 Total Votes +50 Points
Minerva Asphaltprincess5 Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-KedavraHex-RevengeHex-Accio Voted Out 3-0[3]
Voted Out 3-1[4][2]
7 Total Votes +40 Points
Morrigan Ehmatus Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-Accio Voted Out 2-1 5 Total Votes +33 Points
Fluffy Dropsofbright Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-RevengeHex-Accio Voted Out 3-1
Voted Out 8-0[5][6][2]
12 Total Votes +28 Points
Eric Wewho44 Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-KedavraHex-RevengeHex-Accio Voted Out 5-1
Voted Out 3-1[2]
9 Total Votes +25 Points
Crookshanks Padraig_odea Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-Accio Voted Out 5-2[7] 6 Total Votes +22 Points
Lucius Deoja4u2 Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-Kedavra Voted Out 2-1 3 Total Votes +20 Points
Draco Ronanole Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-KedavraHex-Avada Voted Out 2-1 2 Total Votes +18 Points
Cho Tinkimmy Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-AvadaHex-Kedavra Voted Out 3-1 3 Total Votes +17 Points
Oliver Darkogos Hex-AccioHex-PatronumHex-AccioHex-KedavraHex-Avada Voted Out 2-0[8] 3 Total Votes +15 Points
Mike Mike5179 Hex-AccioHex-ExpectoHex-AccioHex-Kedavra Removed[9] 6 Total Votes +14 Points
Ginny Kaejoncas Hex-AccioHex-Patronum Voted Out 5-1-1-1 5 Total Votes +13 Points
Ron Sjllow Hex-AccioHex-Patronum Voted Out 8-1 11 Total Votes +12 Points
Firenze Buddbuster Hex-AccioHex-Expecto Voted Out 8-0 10 Total Votes +12 Points
Viktor Santaqquin166 Hex-AccioHex-Expecto Voted Out 8-1 11 Total Vote +11 Points
Scooby Doo SweetChickSarah Hex-Accio Voted Out 8-3-3-2-1-1 8 Total Votes +10 Points
Harry Xarmydoc None Quit 0 Total Votes +10 Points

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


  • This ORG introduced 1 new Alumni: Padraig_odea.
  • The Expect and Patronum tribes were named after the Patronus Charm.
  • The Avada and Kedavra tribes were named after the Killing Curse.
  • The Accio tribe was named after the Summoning Charm.
  • The Revenge tribe was named so to suggest the tribe our out for revenge.

Foot Notes

  1. HII used by Lucius (8 votes void.)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Returned to the game.
  3. Rita voided Minerva's vote.
  4. Tie vote between Mike & Minerva; lost 3-1 in the revote.
  5. Draco used 1 extra vote.
  6. HII used by Lucius (6 votes void).
  7. HII used by Dobby (2 votes void) and Fluffy (0 voted void).
  8. HII used by Morrigan (2 votes void) and Crookshanks (0 voted void).
  9. Removed from the game for being inactive.

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