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NP Statistics
Name: Bo
NP Score: 1,028
Best Boxscore: 12.64
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Potter Twists 3
ORG Conquests
Potter Twists 5
Survivor Squishy 1
Survivor Squishy 2
Survivor Squishy 3
Contact Information
AIM: Nemle22
Yahoo: Nemle22
Skype: Nemle22
Icon-Facebook Icon-YouTube Icon-DeviantArt
NP Awards
  • 2010 Best Rivals
  • 2010 Smartest Move
  • 2011 Player of the Year
  • 2011 Challenge Whore
  • 2011 Strategic Player
  • 2012 Personal Text Ownage
  • 2012 Siggy Ownage


ORG player since 2001; host since 2002. Met my hubby through an ORG and we've been together since 2006. Lately I'm a house wife of sorts; minus the vag. So I've no life. LOL I've 1 tattoo (semicolon with a watercolor backdrop) and 4 piercings (left ear, right brow, labret & a PA). I'm a night owl, so I'm likely to be awake any time of the night. I keep my AIM open 24/7 (almost always invisible though), so if I'm home I can typically hear the beeps and respond. Not much on Skype these days, but it's on my cell for easy access. I like to think I'm a positive person. I enjoy hanging with friends, hiking, going to films, art museums and anything really. As long as I'm with people in which I can have a good time. I don't let bad turns in life or sad little haters drag me down though. Simply not worth the time or energy. I'm an opened book so feel free to ask anything on your mind.

ORGs Played




Stamp Collection


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