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NP Statistics
Name: Suse
NP Score: 397
Best Boxscore: 14.91
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Once Upon A Time
ORG Conquests
Global Survivor 11
Once Upon A Time
Contact Information
AIM: myla5trolo
NP Awards
  • 2008 Best Average
  • 2008 Ironic Moment
  • 2008 Untarnished


Very proud mum of 2, step mum to 1 & step gran to 2. My family is the single most important thing in my life. No contest! I'm a brownie guide leader, my guiding name is Tiger! I read a ridiculous amount, averaging 2 or 3 books most weeks and read all sorts of books, as long as they're well written. The only sport I ever got into is my latest hobby - skiing (which I took up just last year but now go to an indoor snowslope once a month). My all time fave TV show is NCIS but apart from that I watch very little. At the age of 18 I sang semi professionally in a dance band & turned down an offer to turn full time professional when 19 - choosing to go to music college instead, with hindsight probably NOT the best decision I ever made as I qualified to teach violin, taught for about 3 years & now haven't played seriously for roughly 25 years! My claim(s) to fame - I have been on television in the UK and Denmark (playing violin in an orchestra), recorded twice for UK radio, (singing solo) & once met, and had a meal with, Sir Steven Redgrave, (UK rower, 4 times olympic gold medal winner) - this during the Volkswagen UK service championship finals. I was there as a top 10 finalist.

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  • Suse has named 1 tribe in their NP ORG career:

Hex-Fable Fable of Once Upon A Time