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NP Statistics
Name: Fernando
NP Score: 33
Best Boxscore: 0.38
Best Placing: 14th Place
First Game: AniMunny Survivor 11
ORG Conquests
Contact Information
AIM: sandra.queen
NP Awards


My name is Fernando Andrade, I am from Brazil but I love both countries: U.S and Brazil. I'm a funny guy who loves realities shows, I watched every season of Survivor, Big Brother US/Canada, TAR, ANTM. My favorite contestant from all realities is definitely Abi Maria Gomes, I love how she was a total bitch with no regrets like how I am! I'm not good at making friends but the peoples that talk with me loves me regardless of who I am, what I did in past doesn't matter, live the present not the past. Love me or hate me say what you want about me.

ORGs Played


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