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NP Statistics
Name: Jessica
NP Score: 2,692
Best Boxscore: 15.37
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Israel II Survivor
ORG Conquests
Celebrity Survivor 4
Survivor on Crack 3
SurVs 1
SurVs 11
Contact Information
AIM: lemon_chicken_lipstick
NP Awards
  • 2009 Idol Royalty
  • 2011 Fan Fave Player
  • 2011 Potty Mouth
  • 2011 Flirties
  • 2011 Puppeteer
  • 2012 Highest Score
  • 2012 Dramatic Player
  • 2012 Best Rivals
  • 2012 Puppeteer
  • 2013 Highest Score
  • 2014 Highest Score


I rock my Canadian Boots inside my tiny igloo with my pet penguin and my wireless connection in good ol' Ontario, Canada. It's not poilte to ask a lady's age, but seeing there are no ladies on this page, I am 26 in March. My daughter Charlie (she's 3.5; so at that lil angel stage of the game) is my life and is a future ORGer of the online world so you better watch out. My favorite color is pink, I like sour candies, burnt toast with butter, and a wateroholic! That's me in a nutshell.

As for my online profile, well you could say I am a competitor who strives to win the game and though I often fail I try to do it with enough grace. I've done pretty well in the Nemle Productions games so far, and have a good time. People have been burned, friendships have gone astray but in the end I truly believe it's just a game. Take what you can from it and move on. If you're a hater, GTFO of my igloo and have a nice day.

Profession Profile: I am a proud host here at Nemle Productions. Our boss is a slave trader and makes us work for nothing under long hours and blood, sweat and tears. (Call 911 PLZZZZ) Giggles & Jokes! It's really a blast and Bo is awesome for bringing me on and teaching me the ropes!

So that's Squishy in a nutshell, like it or leave thing is for sure I'll be back and ready to put up a fight.

ORGs Played








Stamp Collection









  • Jessia has represented Bellatrix & Wendy in 2 different series.
  • Jessica has named 2 tribes in their NP ORG career:

Hex-Fuerza Fuerza of SurVs 5
Hex-Quackalicious Quackalicious of Survivor Cinema 3

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