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NP Statistics
Name: Angi
NP Score: 1,575
Best Boxscore: 8.01
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Once Upon A Time
ORG Conquests
AniMunny Survivor 6
Survivor Cinema 2
Top Model 1
Contact Information
NP Awards
  • 2012 Career Votes
  • 2012 Best Partners
  • 2012 Biggest Turn Around
  • 2012 Ironic Moment
  • 2013 Spam Royalty
  • 2013 Idol Royalty
  • 2014 Seasonal Votes
  • 2014 Cry Baby


Hey all, it's Angi aka Tiffani. As of June 2014, I am a 43 years young single mother of three awesome children. Brian who is 20 and working in another province boooo and Summer & Dakota, twin 12 year olds. YIKES IKR!!! I've been ORGing since mid 2005 and have been enjoying myself ever since. I met Bo & Ed in a game back around that time and soon after played in Bo's first series TUG!!! I've stuck with him since to play in almost every series he's hosted, including models. I am a true proud Canadian!!

ORGs Played

Stamp Collection


  • Angi has represented Ann in 2 different series.
  • Angi has named 5 tribes in their NP ORG career:

Hex-Asgard Asgard of AniMunny Survivor 3
Hex-Deoxys Deoxys of PokeSurvivor 2
Hex-Kitano Kitano of Survivor Cinema 10
Hex-Venus Venus of AniMunny Survivor 4
Hex-Wakefield Wakefield of Survivor Cinema 4

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