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NP Statistics
Name: Alfie
NP Score: 524
Best Boxscore: 7.26
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Global Survivor 11
ORG Conquests
Global Survivor 12
Contact Information
AIM: alfieboy92
NP Awards
  • 2008 Lazy Bum
  • 2008 Flirties
  • 2009 Memorable Player
  • 2009 Cut Prime
  • 2009 Personal Text Ownage
  • 2010 Lazy Bum


Hey! My name is Alfie and I am from Norway (cold little European country with too much fish). I somehow got into ORGs and really enjoyed them, so I have been doing them for a few years now, NP games obviously being my favorites. My life is basically friends, music, games, books, computer, working out and just derping around, I am basically a nerd and proud of it.

ORGs Played

Stamp Collection


  • Alfie has named 1 tribe in their NP ORG career:

Hex-Lunastus Lunastus of Survivor Squishy 1

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