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NP Statistics
Name: Ada
NP Score: 495
Best Boxscore: 11.27
Best Placing: 1st Place
First Game: Global Survivor 2
ORG Conquests
AniMunny Survivor 29
Contact Information
NP Awards
  • 2012 Best Partners
  • 2012 Biggest Turn Around
  • 2013 Sweet Pea


Just the average girl from PA. I work 5 days a week as a desk clerk. Boring as heck job, but it pays well enough. I'm usually a shy person so if I don't approach you to talk in a game it doesn't mean I'm avoiding you. Just means I haven't grabbed the courage to say hi. Love to play these games. Hope to see you in one.

ORGs Played

Stamp Collection


  • Ada has named 1 tribe in their NP ORG career:

Hex-Viserion Viserion of AniMunny Survivor 29

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